Training Solutions Unit

We have a clear conviction, that training plays an important role in organizations, as it works to develop the organization's vision in the future, and to develop business and individuals. We at Human Focus are keen to provide customized training solutions to help clients achieve results and achieve maximum investment in training,

This is through our training methodology:

- Training needs analysis:

By designing special forms distributed to individuals according to their job levels, and by looking at job description forms for individuals, and conducting different interviews with different levels in order to discuss training goals and the difficulties faced by employees in their work.

- Designing the training program:

Designing the training program according to the results of the training needs analysis.

- Implement a workshop:

Implementing training workshops in line with the training objectives that support the goals of the organization, through various training methods.

- Training return evaluation (ROI):

Evaluate the effectiveness of the training workshop and provide further recommendations.