Professional appreciation

The Human Focus Center (HFC) has a highly professional reputation as one of the best training and consulting centers for programs in assessing institutional performance and building managerial competencies for managers.

Distinguished trainers

The trainers consist of a group of accredited professors in various Arab and foreign universities, and a group of specialists in the field of training and consulting, as they possess practical experiences and enjoy a distinguished performance.

Scientific content of the programs

Our main mission is to deepen the trainees' understanding of contemporary issues and concepts, as well as to provide them with the foundations and tools that can be used to bring about real change in their institutions.

Building relationships

Joining you in the activities and programs of the HFC Center will give you a unique opportunity to build a network of relationships with a group of executives and executives from various institutions and companies.

Provide Counseling

It will give the trainees the opportunity to discuss their work issues confidentially with program managers. This will help you to build a business plan, drawing on the knowledge gained from the training program.

Training work environment

We are keen to provide a comfortable work environment during the holding of training programs in the finest training halls in hotels and the provision of the finest buffets.

Professional certificates

Joining you in our training programs qualifies you to obtain international professional certificates in the professional field of each trainee, which aims to increase the skills and competencies of trainees in their institutions.

Preservation and Confidentiality

Human Focus Center HFC is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of all documents and data it obtains from customers and not to provide it to other parties or its competitors.

Our Strategic Alliances

At HFC, we have succeeded in achieving an advanced position among local and regional training centers through our strategic alliances with high-quality global consulting and training houses.

Customer Service

After completing the program, the trainees will be able to review their information and update their skills through our continuous follow-up to the needs of our customers, in which we provide more support and advice to them.